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Alpha Energy & Betta Batteries join together as HYBRIDAUS Pty Ltd


After three and a half years of promoting the world’s best performing battery LEAD CRYSTAL BATTERY, Alpha Energy & Betta Batteries have partnered together as HYBRIDAUS Pty Ltd to release a range of ONGRID/OFFGRID SOLAR SYSTEMS to suit all leisure, domestic and corporate needs.

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Celebrations were in order at the Melbourne All Energy Expo Launch

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Hybrid Energy Homepage



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WorldVentures Launch – 5DAYWEEKEND Event Melbourne

It seemed like have the Greek community was at the Melbourne Sheraton on Saturday 14th June for the launch of WorldVentures in Australia.

Nik Halik’s 5dayweekend event included Johnny Wimbrey from the USA, revealing the coolest travel club in the world and its guaranteed benefits and great networking possibilities to all in the room. Join our team at and submit your details in the MORE INFO TAB, sign up at or send me an email with your interest.

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Johnny Wimbrey & Tony Haddad


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Welcome to Australia – Worldventures

Now officially launched into the country and you should start seeing the “You should be here” signs” as they have gone viral elsewhere around the world.



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Oz launch of WorldVentures

WorldVentures in OZ

GREAT NEWS – Pending launch of WorldVentures in OZ is set for the 30th May 2014, which will make us the 27th country in the world to launch.

Trips and cruises already available at check it out!

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There is a lot of information bundled into this webpage and associated mobile site. You can use them to bring contact me in several ways including social media. On this website you will also be able to link to several of the cashflow strategies I am passionate about and involved in including Sharelord, Worldventures and Website to Mobile optimization.